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Hitting the Reset button on life…

Like most comics who started stand-up comedy in their 30's, Dave's love of stand-up started after a horrible divorce. Since having to hit the reset button on his life he's been of Food Networks Mystery Dinners (Chef Dave Season 2:Catering on the Side) and started two podcasts called The DisJointed Podcast with David Germain and The DisJointed Foodbiz with Thor and Dave.

While going through this journey of changing his life he noticed that many of us make the same mistakes,have the same dilutions about ourselves and has found a way to laugh at our problems in a way that accessible for just about any audience!

Dave studied theater at The American Musical and DRamatic Academy in New York City before starting his post grad work in various restaurants across the country. What this means to you is that Dave has a very firm sense of professionalism that was drilled into him a long time ago."The only reason to miss a show is a death in the family and the person who died is you!" He feels the same way about people who call out on their Sunday brunch shift by the way!Podcasts


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